潜水员ity and inclusion实现人类的进步

we’re a proud proponent of diversity in the workforce, and we support an inclusive workplace that values the diversity of ideas

Chevron is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at all levels of our company. It is a cornerstone of our corporate values of high performance, integrity, trust, partnership, and protecting people and the environment. We know that hiring and retaining individuals with an array of talents, ideas and experiences propels the innovation that drives our success. A diverse workforce and inclusive culture help us strengthen areas that need improvement and inspire creative solutions. We believe the attention given to diversity and inclusion makes us more agile, trustworthy and innovative.

Chevron’s diversity and inclusion programs aim to foster a truly inclusive workplace that encourages more meaningful engagement among all employees to strengthen our performance.


Our diversity and inclusion initiatives have earned recognition from several leading diversity organizations and publications.

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Rated among top certified companies for gender equality
Chevron achieved the EDGE Move Certification level, placing it among the top 14% of 200 global companies receiving EDGE certification for gender equality.

Corporate Equality Index 2020“>
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人权运动 - 2020 - 额定100%
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National Business Inclusion Consortium and National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce - 2019
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Asia Society
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全国黑人工程协会 - 2019年
Honored as one of 12 organizations that made a positive impact by investing more $100,000 in Black/African American communities.
Chevrong award from Secretary of Defense for 2019“>
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雇主支持卫队和储备 - 2019年
The Employer Support Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the Department of Defense to employers for their exceptional support of National Guard and Reserve members. Chevron in both California and Texas have been awarded this honor as well as Chevron Corporation.
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Disability Equality Index awarded Chevron the "2019 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities" award for 2019.
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Chevrong award from American Indian Science and Engineering for 2019“>
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The "Top 50 Stem Workplaces" list cumulates organizations setting the standard for indigenous science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals. This is Chevron’s 5th year in a row to be recognized.



In 2016, Chevron’s Women’s Network launched the Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) initiative developed by Catalyst, a nonprofit that provides resources to engage men as more active and visible champions for gender inclusion. Participants in MARC are committed to achieving workplace gender equality by improving opportunities for women to compete for roles at all levels. Research by Catalyst shows that when men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96 percent of companies report progress. When they are not, 30 percent show progress. MARC programming helps both men and women break down unconscious bias and other barriers to inclusion. In its fourth year, MARC exceeds 3,500 participants – 60 percent of which are men – in 11 countries around the world.


a number of firsts

We’re proud of being the first major integrated energy company to:

  • offer domestic partner benefits to employees.
  • fully implement trans-inclusive health care benefits.
  • 包括其非歧视政策中的性取向。
  • 在致力于工作场所LGBT平等的人权竞选排名中,在人权竞选排名中实现了14年的完美分数。

we are all accountable

Reinforcing the critical importance of diversity and inclusion to business performance, The Chevron Way holds everyone accountable in advancing diversity at all levels of the company. Diversity Action Plans are required for nearly every employee, including the Chairman, and are part of annual performance reviews. Diversity and inclusion accountability metrics are tied to compensation for the corporate executive management team.


雪佛龙的方式: engineering opportunities for women





Partnering is critical to our success in attracting talent – we partner with governments, communities and educational organizations across the entire educational pathway. We build trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners and are most successful when our partners succeed with us.


We have forged strategic relationships with numerous colleges and universities around the world – developing programs that will empower students and help us to enable human progress.

  • 我们的关系和历史上大学和大学的关系旨在鼓励少数民族参与科学,技术,工程和数学(Stew)。188bet充值
  • 我们与我们的大学合作伙伴合作,帮助他们提高他们的多样性和包容性。我们帮助制定计划以解决多样性和纳入问题,并改善妇女和尊重少数群体的机会,留下学生的保留以及其大学的包容性环境。我们还与美国工程教育学会(ASEE)合作,召开群体金宝搏手机版电子游戏利用我们的努力。
  • We have helped develop a number of programs focused on improving diversity with 4-year institutions and community colleges – STEM Pathway Programs:
  • We have awarded numerous diversity and pathways scholarships through universities

association partnerships and programs

  • We also partner with diversity associations such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Great Minds in STEM, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), INROADS, and the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) to develop programs that will help provide internship and full-time opportunities for students.
  • Chevron’s Diversity Scholarship Program disburses scholarships to ethnic minorities and women annually through seven partner organizations.
  • We support theNSBE为孩子们的夏季工程经验(Seek)德克萨斯州休斯顿的营地;新奥尔良,路易斯安那州;和奥克兰和洛杉矶,加利福尼亚州。寻求的使命是“通过让他们从事互动的团队的工程项目,增加数学和科学中的基本学校学生的能力及其对追求词干(科学,技术,工程,数学)职业领域的兴趣。188bet充值




We have an incredibly talented workforce willing to share its knowledge in our various mentorship programs. All employees have the option to find a mentor on their own or with the help of a supervisor, through programs specific to their business unit. Our employee networks also offer formal mentoring programs.

employee resource groups

In 2019, almost 20,000 employees – nearly 45 percent of our regular workforce – participated in Chevron’s employee networks that celebrate and promote diversity. These networks act as a resource for attracting and retaining talent and enhance Chevron’s reputation through community activities and outreach. They also provide formal mentoring programs and offer opportunities for skill building and career development.

潜水员ity action plans

与我们的多样性目标保持一致,员工定义可衡量的目标,他们将对 - 并渐变 - 作为我们年度绩效评估的一部分。这些计划可以与赔偿相关并帮助实现我们的多样性愿景。





潜水员ity councils



Our employee networks bring essential value to the business. In 2018, more than 19,000 employees — more than 40 percent of our regular workforce — participated in our employee networks:

  • 美洲原住民金宝搏手机版电子游戏
  • PRIDE (LGBT employees and allies)
  • Somos (Hispanic)
  • Veterans
  • 女性
  • XYZ(早期和中等职业员工)
  • 亚洲人
  • 澳大利亚土着(Boola Moort)
  • 黑色的
  • Boomer(婴儿潮一代员工)
  • 启用(残疾员工)
  • Filipino

values in action: adriana



keeping our employees engaged





Skill development occurs at each stage of our employees’ careers. For example, all new employees are expected to participate in the onboarding learning journey – including the New to Chevron workshop – within their first six months on the job. In 2017, 90 percent of new hires met this goal.





每三年,我们empl进行调查oyees worldwide to understand their level of engagement, assess Chevron against the attributes of a high-performance organization, and measure the impact of our people development programs. This survey is supplemented by Pulse Surveys of our employees, which measure our progress and reinforce Chevron’s high-performance behaviors. Our most recent employee survey found a total employee engagement score of 90 percent – among the best in the oil and gas industry. In addition, 94 percent of employees surveyed reported that they “believe strongly in the goals and objectives of Chevron” and 93 percent reported being “proud to be a part of Chevron.”

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We’re promoting an inclusive business environment, one supplier at a time.
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Our values distinguish us and guide all of our business activities and decisions.
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